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Customs in viticulture

In connection with viticulture, there is a wealth of old customs that are often only of regional significance. However, many old professions have died out or are no longer necessary due to new technologies. Unfortunately, many customs are also no longer practised. The current professions and functions in viticulture and the relevant institutions and training centres are listed under viticulture training. Further information on this topic can be found at

Brauchtum im Weinbau - Winzer, Weingartmann, Weingartenhüter

from Amper to Buttenstecken

from cellera to Fürtuch

from Gait to Imbs

  • Gait - see under Schoßkoa
  • Gärgitter - device for the escape of fermentation gas
  • Gebirgsaufschießen - start of the grape harvest
  • Grea (green) - thanksgiving festival
  • Herbstmuck - woman with the last grape during the grape harvest - slipping from a giant barrel
  • Herbstschmüerel - festival at the end of the grape harvest
  • Autumn wagon - wagon of the winegrowers at the grape harvest festival
  • Heuriger - wine tavern and last year's wine)
  • Imbs - snack in the vineyard

from Kalmuck-Janker to Krugrecht

from Latfass to Oinochoe

  • Latfass (Ladfass) - special barrel for the grape harvest
  • Leitgeben - right to serve wine
  • Lesehof - communal cellar for the grape harvest
  • Martini - Martini praise, wine baptism on 11 November
  • Métayage (French: Grangère, Vigneronnage) - half lease, partial lease
  • Cupbearer - servant responsible for the drinks
  • Nachlese (Wolfeln) - harvesting leftover grapes after the grape harvest
  • Neumagener Weinschiff - ancient find in Neumagen (Moselle)
  • Oinochoe - wine vessel

from pest vinegar to records

Brauchtum im Weinbau - Hiatahütt´n und alter Weinkeller in NÖ

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