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About Lexicon Author Norbert Franz-Josef Tischelmayer

I was born in the Weinviertel region of Lower Austria - in the middle of vineyards, so to speak. My father worked at a large winery for decades. As a child, I regularly helped with the grape harvest. These were my first impulses to get involved with wine. However, I first got into electronic data processing (EDP), which was still in its infancy at the time, and then worked for 35 years as a manager in an EDP service company for banks and savings banks in the areas of computer centre, internal auditing, training and process organisation. During this time, I also managed several major projects in the areas of corporate mergers, rationalisation, process organisation and change management.

I came to wine relatively late. At the beginning of the 1990s, I was invited to a wine tasting event where I tasted around ten varieties under expert guidance with the necessary explanations. I learnt for the first time that you can enjoy wine not only with your palate and tongue, but also with your nose and eyes. This positive experience awakened my interest and I began to study the "divine drink" intensively - both practically and theoretically.

After several wine seminars, reading around 100 books on wine, attending tastings, trade fairs and wine events and, last but not least, practical work in the vineyards and cellars of winemaker friends, I created the first Lexicon with around 800 keywords. This was offered to Utz Graafmann in 1999, who had gone online shortly before with his wine website "wein.plus". This marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration that continues to this day.

I wish you every success in your search - Norbert Franz-Josef Tischelmayer

Content and scope

The wine encyclopaedia at wein.plus is the world's largest online knowledge database on the subject of wine with 26,382 keywords. It describes around 2,700 grape varieties, over 2,000 wineries with descriptions of their operations, over 10,000 different vineyard, wine and vinification terms, around 100 countries with their wine-growing history, wine-growing regions, grape varieties, wineries and wines, over 600 biographies of famous personalities as well as all important wine law issues. Since 1999, when it started with 800 keywords, it has grown 25-fold. The Lexicon is a "living" work, as comments from users are taken into account on a daily basis, which means that it is constantly being adapted to their requirements.

Handling and search logic

With a work of this size, the question inevitably arises as to how to find the desired information as quickly as possible and how to get an overview of the content. A detailed description of this can be found under the keyword Wine lexicon is included.

Collaboration and support

The author of an encyclopaedia is dependent on sources as well as information and support from experts. This is particularly important in the field of viticulture, where changes occur almost daily as a result of new developments and findings. Over the last 15 years, an extensive network with many contacts worldwide has been built up in this respect. Special mention and thanks for their support

The following people deserve special mention and thanks for their support:

  • Prof Kym Anderson (economist, Australia)
    most important source regarding grape variety quantities & growing regions
  • Heidi & Dr Peter Bezold
    for many translation activities (French, Portuguese, Spanish, English)
  • Peter Gebler (IHK-certified interpreter and translator for German/English)
    for numerous translations and information
  • Marcus Hofschuster (head taster wein.plus)
    for a lot of information and texts regarding wine tasting & wine evaluation
  • Joachim A. J. Kaiser (graduate biologist, www.vinositas.com)
    for collaboration and review of texts
  • Egon Mark (qualified sommelier, wine author)
    for many tips and hints
  • Dr Erika Maul (grapevine geneticist, Julius Kühn Institute)
    for a wealth of information on grape varieties
  • André Mégroz (photographer, www.insects.ch)
    for the provision of pictures
  • Franz Scheibenreif (Federal Winery Inspector Austria)
    for a lot of information on wine law issues
  • Carsten M. Stammen (wine journalist, taster)
    for many contributions and assistance with keywords
  • Dr Wolfgang Thomann (mathematician & wine author)
    for extensive editing and advice
  • Dr José Vouillamoz (biologist, grapevine geneticist)
    most important source on grapevine genetics ex "Wine Grapes"
  • Katrin Walter (Italy representative wein.plus)
    for many translations and support with Italian questions


Another important source are the users of the encyclopaedia. From this circle of many thousands of users constantly come questions, suggestions, proposals for extensions and new headwords as well as corrections. Well over 2,000 new keywords have been created on the basis of suggestions from users. Many people have contributed directly or indirectly to the development of Lexicon to its current state.

The following people have provided valuable help:

Martin Adler, Wilhelm Amort, Wolfram Armbruster, Gertrud Bachmann, Alfred Bachmayr, Karl Bajano (vulgo "Koal"), Christiane Barth, Andreas Becker, Steffen Becker, Bernd Beckschwarte, Andreas Beer, Walter Bernhaupt, Peter Berns, Manfred Bohn, Ewald Briesch, Johannes B. Bucej, Dirk Boujong, Patrick Bous, Dietmar Bruckner, Joachim Buchta, Eduardo Capurro, Lars Dalgaard, Ivan Dramlitsch, Ingo Drescher, Brigitte Engelmann, Axel Finger, Rudi Finkler, Friedrich Fischer, Manfred A. Fischer, Friedhelm Fritsch, Jürgen W. Fritz, Alex Fromm, Peter Gebler, Helmut Gidl, Karl-Heinz Gierling, Hans-Wilhelm Grabbe, Christian Graf, Björn Gülsdorff, Johann Gutauer, Klaus-Dieter Gwiasda, Andreas Haeger, Karl Heblich, Andreas Heller, Max Hendlmaier, Sybille Herbst, Horst Hermann, Helmut Herrmann, Gert Hiller, Sigbert Hiss, Rudolf Hutterer, Reimer J. Huy, Andreas Jung, Günter Junker, Peter Junker, Joachim Kaiser, Walter Kaltzin, Stefan Keller, Deborah Keser, Achim Kirchner, Karsten Kirsch, Klaus Klein, Bernd Klingenbrunn, Tomaz Klipsteter, Wolfgang Klug, Helmut O. Knall (vulgo "Knalli"), Frank Kobus, Jürgen Krüger, Bettina Lander, Anton Landort, Florian Lauer, Giuseppe Lauria, Mari Lax-Hoffmann, Edmund Lemperle, Joachim Lorenz, Elmar M. Lorey, Florence Ludi, Udo Ludwig, Moritz Lüke, Ute Mangold, Andreas März, Johannes Misslbeck, Salvador Montenegro, Wolfgang Mucher, Jochen Müller, Matthias Neske, Siegfried Nowak, Thomas P. Offner, Claudia Oldenburg, Stelios Paltatzidis, Herbert Patrak, Gerhard Paul, Michael Petz, Jörg Philipp, Gerhard Präsent, Michael Pronay, Torsten Rahn, Ferdinand Regner, Jörg and Rita Reidlinger, Frank Rembold, Simone Renth-Queins, Steven Richter-McAulay, Thomas Riedl, Frank Röder, Dieter Sagolla, Fritz Sahli, Walter Salzbrunn, Henry Sams, Werner Saumweber, Stefan Schäfer (known as "Weinschaf"), Joe Scherer, Sven Schiffmann, Frank Schindler, Oliver Schmidt, Ralf Scholze, Bernhard Seeber, Christian Seegers (known as "Weinnase"), Daniel Senn, Thomas Sommer, Frank Stehr, Jürgen Steinmeyer, Verena Suratny, Ricardo Tognella, Tobias Treppenhauer, Dietrich Treusch, Claudine Villetet, Darius Voisiat, Walter Waimann, Cornelia Wehrmann, Bernd Weik, Carolin Werner, Ruedi Wildbolz, Janina Wilsch, Herbert Friedrich Witzel, Jeffrey Wolff, Dominik Ziller (vulgo "Bonner Reblaus").

Sources and literature
The sources include well over 100 different works. Almost all well-known authors are represented.


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Use of various facts

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See under www.winzersprache.de

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The world's largest Lexicon of wine terms.

26,382 Keywords · 46,989 Synonyms · 5,323 Translations · 31,716 Pronunciations · 202,680 Cross-references
made with by our author Norbert F. J. Tischelmayer.