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Designation (also known as Ladfass) for a special barrel at the time of the grape harvest (autumn). The name is derived from the Old High German word "Leitfaz" - "Leite" was understood to mean a load, wagon load or quantity designation. It had a large opening (widened bunghole) on which a grape mill with a funnel was placed. It was mounted on a two-wheeled cart which was pulled into the vineyard by horses during the grape harvest. There the freshly harvested grapes were immediately ground and the mash was transported to the winery. Latfass was also generally used as a term for the container (also Zuber) used to transport grapes or must. It was also an old custom that after the grape harvest was finished, the so-called autumn decoration (a female helper) sat on this barrel and was transported to the winery during the last transport. The Leitfass was still used in the 20th century in the Rheingau and on the Middle Rhine. See further customs under customs in viticulture.

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