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gabbietta (I)
agrafe (F)
broche (ES)
agrafe (GB)

Designation for the small wire netting (bottling hanger, wire basket, shipping hanger, French muselet) with which the cork is wrapped around the bottle neck and fixed to the cork for sparkling wines such as champagne or sparkling wine. This is to prevent the cork from being catapulted out of the bottle neck due to the relatively high excess pressure of carbon dioxide in the bottle. A metal capsule (helmet, plaque) located at the head of the natural cork prevents the wire mesh from being cut (capsule is not necessary for plastic corks).

Sektkorken mit Agraffe und Plaque

The agraffes are applied mechanically in combination with the corking. Collecting these coveted objects is called placomusophilia. With sparkling wine, however, an agraffe is not permitted so that it can be distinguished externally and not be confused with a quality sparkling wine. Bottle nets have a different purpose; see Alambrado (Spanish for wire netting). See also under MAESTRO (special closure for sparkling wine bottles), closures and wine enjoyment.

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