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The name (wine jug) refers to a ceramic vessel with a handle and a cloverleaf-shaped or round opening. In ancient Greece, wine from the crater was poured into such jugs. However, other liquids, such as anointing oil, were also kept in them. There were different variants such as Chous (also Chus of "pouring", in picture 370/360 BC) and Olpe (vessel, in picture 550-530 BC). The Chous was the unit of measurement (3.28 litres) for participants of drinking competitions. Such vessels can be found on numerous illustrations of the wine god Dionysus and the Satyrs. See also under Kantharos, drinking culture and wine vessels.

Oinochoe, Chpus (Chus), Olpe, Krater

Oinochoe: From Jastrow, Gemeinfrei, Link
Chous: From Felton Painter - Jastrow, Public domain, Link
Olpe: From Amasis - Jastrow, Public Domain, Link
Crater: From User:Bibi Saint-Pol, Public domain, Link

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