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Viticulture training

Already 6,000 if not 8,000 years ago, vines were cultivated and wine was produced for the first time (see in detail under the keywords Mesopotamia, ancient wines and drinking culture). This makes the winegrower (winemaker) one of the oldest professions, so to speak. Over the course of many thousands of years, numerous professions and functions as well as a rich tradition have developed around wine. Many wine-growing professions and customs have died out, but naturally many new ones have also developed. In the individual wine-growing countries there are corresponding training courses offered by state and private institutions. The objective wine lexicon contains all current professions/functions and institutions as keywords.

Professions and functions

The job titles and the training are largely different in the different countries:

Weinbauausbildung - Fachschule Silberberg in Leibnitz (Südsteiermark)


A complete list of all associations, clubs, committees, authorities, research institutes, schools and universities related to viticulture can be found under the keyword viticulture institutions. Those in connection with education & training are:

Weinbauausbildung - Geisenheim Forschungsanstalt Hauptgebäude

The work in question is also suitable as a supporting tool for education/training and is also used by some official institutions and many people interested in the subject of wine.

All aids, work and measures in the vineyard during the vegetation cycle can be found under vineyard care. Complete lists of the numerous cellar techniques, as well as a list of the types of wine, sparkling wine and distillate regulated by wine law can be found under vinification. Comprehensive wine law information can be found under the keyword wine law.

Geisenheim: From CCAA2007, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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