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Pericarp (GB)

Part of a vegetable fruit; see under grape.

Denomination (also known as wine grape) for those grapes from vines that are used to produce wine or spirits such as brandy(Armagnac, Cognac, Metaxa etc.) and even vodka (together around 85% worldwide). Other groups are table grapes (table grapes) and raisins intended for consumption. There are about 8,000 to 10,000 different grape varieties worldwide, whereby the morphology(leaf shape as well as size, texture and colour of the grapes or berries) is characteristic of the respective variety. The grapevine develops the grape during the annual vegetation cycle. As a rule, the grape harvest takes place at the best possible physiological ripeness. For predicate wine types such as Spätlese, Beerenauslese, Trockenbeerenauslese or Eiswein, this occurs much later because a special grape condition is required for this. Especially in Austria and Germany, a certain sugar level of the grapes at harvest is an important criterion for the later wine quality level (see must weight).

Weinrebe - Weintraube, Rebstock und Weinberg

Characteristics of the grape

Strictly speaking, the term "grape" is actually wrong; because a grape has only side stems without branches. The correct botanical name would be panicle. The size, the number of berries and the weight of a grape, as well as the number of grapes and the resulting yield per vine vary and depend on the grape variety, pruning, form of cultivation, weather conditions, wine quality and wine type (see the formula under yield). In a study lasting several years, researchers from the Weinsberg Viticulture Institute determined the average number of berries per grape of some classic grape varieties. The results: Silvaner 110, PinotNoir 115, Riesling 120, Kerner 140, Müller-Thurgau 160, Trollinger/SchiavaGrossa 155 and Lemberger/Blaufränkisch 190 berries. There was a considerable variation over different vintages. Lemberger, for example, was between 150 (2008) and 225 berries (2004),...

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