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The white grape variety probably comes from Germany. There are more than 150 synonyms that testify to the great age and worldwide distribution of this vine in almost all wine-growing countries. The most important ones are Risling(Bulgaria); Edler Riesling, Gelber Riesling, Gräfenberger, Hochheimer, Johannisberger, Kleinriesling, Klingelberger, Rissling, Rüsseling, Weißer Riesling(Germany); Raisin du Rhin, Riesling Rhénan(France); Riesling Renano(Italy); Rajinski Riesling (former Yugoslavia); Rizling Rajnski(Croatia); Rislinoc(Moldavia); Rheinriesling, Ritzling (also name of a reed), White Riesling(Austria); Johannisberg, Johannisberg Riesling, Petit Rhin(Switzerland); Rizling Rýnsky(Slovakia); Renski Rizling(Slovenia); Lipka, Ryzlink Rýnský, Starovetski(Czech Republic); Beyaz Riesling(Turkey); Рислінг, Rislinok(Ukraine); Fehér Rajnai, Rajnai Rizling(Hungary); Rhine Riesling, White Riesling(California-USA)

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