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weather (GB)
temps (F)
tempo atmosferico (I)
tempo (PO)
tiempo atmosférico (ES)
weer (N)

Term for the perceptible, short-term condition of the atmosphere at a specific location on the earth's surface, which appears as cloud cover, frost, heat, cold, humidity, precipitation (sleet, hail, rain, frost, snow, dew), soil and air temperature, sunshine and wind, among other things. The weather can change several times a day. This is in contrast to the terms weather situation (this is the condition in a larger area and at a certain time), weather (weather in a certain period of several days to a certain season, related to a certain area) and Climate (Total of weather conditions, over a long-term period of 30 years). Weather and atmospheric conditions during the vegetation cycle are in sum a decisive but hardly influenceable factor in viticulture.

Wetter - Gewitter & Blitz und Regen

One of the criteria for the suitability of a region for viticulture is the weather, which is one of the most important for the wine growing value. For more information on this topic, see also the keywords: farming rules, irrigation, soil type, frost, drought, thunderstorms, hail, climate, climate change, photosynthesis, sunburn and wind.

Wetter - Frost (Spätfrost) und Hagel

Frost: André Mégroz Switzerland
other pictures: PIXABAY

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