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Pinot gris

The white grape variety comes from France. Around 150 synonyms testify to its great age and wide distribution. Some of them are grouped alphabetically by country: Druser, Grauburgunder, Grauer Burgunder, Grauer Clevner, Kleiner Traminer, Rheingrauer, Ruländer, Speyerer(Germany, Austria); Arnaison Gris, Arnoison Gris, Auvernat Gris, Auxerrois Gris, Beurot, Friset, Fromenteau Gris, Griset, Malvoisie, Moréote Gris, Noirien Gris, Pinot Beurot(France); Edelklevner, Tokay until 2007(Alsace); Pinot Grigio, Rulander Grigio(Italy); Râjik(Moldova); Griset, Musler(Switzerland); Burgundské Sivé, Rulandské Sivé(Slovakia); Sivi Pinot(Slovenia); Rulandské Šedé, Burgundské Šedé(Czech Republic); Hamvas Szoeloe, Skürzebarát(Hungary). It is a colour mutation of Pinot Noir. From the Pinot Gris the Pinot Blanc is then mutated (or vice versa). The variety Pinot Gris thus belongs to the Pinot varieties (see there in detail). In spite of morphological similarities or apparently indicative synonyms, it should not be confused with Savagnin Rose (Traminer variety).

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