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Synonym for the Syrah grape variety, see there.

The red grape variety originates from France. There are over 80 synonyms that testify to its great age and worldwide distribution. The most important from a historical point of view are Hermitage, Shiraz (Australia), Candive, Marsanne Noir, Petite Sirrah, Petite Syrah, Scyras, Sérène, Serine, Sira, Sirac, Sirah, Syra, Syrac (France); Balsamina, Neiretta Cunese, Neiretta del Monregalese, Neiretta del Rosso, Neiretta di Pinerolo, Neiretta di Saluzzo, Zagarese (Italy); Neretto del Beinale (Spain); Shiraz (South Africa); Zizak (Montenegro). Despite seemingly suggestive synonyms or morphological similarities, it should not be confused with the varieties Dureza, Durif (Petite Sirah), Mondeuse Noire, Persan (Sérine), Serina e Zeze or Shesh i Zi. The confusing and extremely complicated history of confusion concerning the three varieties Durif, Peloursin and Syrah in California in connection with the name Petite Si(y)rah is described in detail under the heading Durif.

Syrah - Weintraube und Blatt

There are many hypotheses as to its origin. According to the most common one, the variety is said to originate from the ancient city of Shiraz (Shiraz) in today's Iran (Persia). By the way, the famous Persian lyricist Hafis (1324-1388) also came from this city. From there it was allegedly brought to France by the French crusader Gaspard de Sterimberg around 1225. According to another, it is said to be a descendant of the ancient grape variety Allobrogica mentioned by Pliny the Elder (23-79) and Columella (1st half of 1st century). The former also described a "black Aminea" from Syria, which was also assumed to be an ancestor. Furthermore, the Greek island Syra, which belongs to the...

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