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The red grape variety originates from France. There are about 50 synonyms that testify to its great age and wide distribution. The most important ones, grouped alphabetically by country, are Bécuet, Becuét, Berla'd Crava Cita, Berlas Citta, Berlo Citto (Italy); Aguzelle, Aguyzelle, Bâtarde, Bâtarde Longue, Beccu, Bécuette, Etraire, Etris, Guzelle, Moirans, Persan Noir, Posse de Chèvre, Pousse de Chèvre, Presan, Pressan, Princens, Prinsan, Prinsens, Prinssens, Rives, Seranne Pointue, Serine, Siraneze Pointue, Siranne, Siranne Pointue (France). It must not be confused with the varieties Etraire de l'Aduï (Gros Persan), Mondeuse Noire (Persagne), Pinot Noir or Syrah (Serine), despite seemingly suggestive synonyms or morphological similarities. According to DNA analyses, there is a parent-offspring relationship between Persan and Etraire de l'Aduï. A presumably natural cross Persan x Peloursin resulted in Joubertin. The early to medium ripening vine is susceptible to both powdery mildews. It produces full-bodied and tannic red wines with good acidity and ageing potential. The variety was once widespread in Savoie, but lost much of its importance after the phylloxera disaster. Here it is permitted in the Vin des Allobroges and Vin de Savoie wines and occupies nine hectares in France. In Italy, it is cultivated on three hectares in Piedmont and is permitted there under the name Bécuet in the DOC area Pinerolese. There is also a tiny stand of 0.3 hectares in Switzerland(Geneva). In 2016, a total of 12 hectares of vines were designated (Kym Anderson).

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