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The white grape variety is by far the most common variety of Traminer (see detailed information there), which is called Savagnin Blanc (or short Savagnin) in many sources. The numerous synonyms are also used to some extent for other varieties such as Savagnin Rose and generally for Traminer. Thus, one cannot conclude the "correct" variety without any doubt from the name/synonym. The most important ones grouped alphabetically by country are Savagnin Rose Aromatique (Australia); Mala Dinka (Bulgaria); Clevner, Klevner, Rother Muskattraminer, Roter Traminer, Traminer Rot (Germany); Bon Blanc, Duret Rouge, Gentil Aromatique, Gentil Rose Aromatique, Formentin Rouge, Fromenteau Rouge, Rousselet, Traminer Aromatique, Traminer Parfumé(France); Traminer Aromatico (Italy); Traminac Crveni (Croatia); Christkindlestraube, Christkindltraube, Fleischrot, Fleischroth, Fleischvainer, Fleischweiner, Musler, Rosentraminer, Roter Traminer (Austria); Rusa, Traminer Roz (Romania); Tramín Červený(Slovakia); Heidarot (Switzerland); Diseci Traminec (Slovenia); Tramín Červený Czech Republic); Traminer Musqué, Traminer Rose (Moldova, Ukraine); Tramini Piros, Füszeres Tramini, Piros Tramini (Hungary).

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