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Sweet wine

Designation for wines with a high content of unfermented sugar, which are pressed from grapes rich in sugar. Optimal climatic conditions for this exist in many places around the Mediterranean, which is why many of the famous sweet wines come from Greece, Spain, France, Portugal and Italy. They have an ancient tradition. Among the most famous ancient wines are the raisin wine Passum from Rome and the Commandaria from the island of Cyprus. In the late Middle Ages, sweet wines were immensely popular with the European ruling houses. The Greek port city of Monemvasia was a famous transshipment point for sweet specialities from islands in the Aegean Sea such as Crete, Paros, Samos and Santorini. The emerging worldwide trade made the Constantia from South Africa, the sweet wines from France and the Tokaj from Hungary famous and famous. From the 16th century onwards, expeditions to the newly discovered regions made it possible to preserve wines with alcohol for the long sea voyages. This was the beginning of the triumphal procession of Madeira, Port wine, Sherry and Co.

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