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Designation for the totality of all meteorological processes or possible weather conditions, including the typical sequence as well as the daily and seasonal fluctuations that are responsible for the average state of the earth's atmosphere at a particular location. The name (grch. climate = curvature) is derived from the curvature of the globe and the resulting locally different angle of incidence of the sun. The climate is not only shaped by processes within the atmosphere, but rather by the interplay of all spheres of the earth (continents, oceans, atmosphere) as well as the solar activity. The climate is one of the most important factors influencing viticulture.

Klima - Welkarte mit den Großklimaten nach Köppen-Geiger

As a distinction to the weather (hours to weeks) and the weather (a few days to a week, even a month or a season), climate is understood as a statistically determined state of the earth's atmosphere over a period of several decades (at least 30 years). Areas with the same climatic conditions are classified into climate zones and thus classified. There are various classifications; the best known comes from the German-Russian climatologist and biologist Vladimir Peter Köppen (1846-1940). This was then continued by the meteorologist Rudolf Geiger (1894-1981).

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