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Sultanina Bianca

Synonym (also Soultanina, Sultani, Sultanina, Sultanina Alba, Sultanina Bela, Sultanina Bianca, Sultanina Bijela, Sultanine, Sultanine Bijela, Sultanine Blanche) for the vine variety Sultana; see there

The white grape variety probably comes from the eastern Mediterranean region. Around 130 synonyms in many languages attest to the vine's probably very old age and worldwide distribution. The second main name is Sultanina, which is used in many countries; others are given in bold. The most important ones grouped alphabetically by country are Banati, Banati Abiad, Banati Abyad(Egypt); Kishmish(Armenia, Afghanistan); Sultanina Blanche, Sultanine, Sultanine Blanche(France); Sultanine (Greece); Sultanina Alba, Sultanina Bianca, Sultanine Alba(Italy); Sultanina Bela, Sultanina Bijela(Croatia); Kismis Alb(Romania); Cekirdeksis, Cekirdeksiz, Kismis, Sultani, Sultani Cekirdeksiz, Sultanieh, Sultaniye, Sultaniye Kinalyi(Turkey), Fehér Szultanszölö, Szultan Szöllö(Hungary); Thompson Seedless(Australia, South Africa, USA).

The exact origin is in the dark; various sources have suggested the countries Afghanistan, Greece, Iran, South Africa and Turkey, among others. Also the ancestry (of the possibly already extinct parents) is not known. Colour mutations found in Afghanistan are Kishmish Sorh (red berries) and Kishmish Siah (black berries). The variety was a cross-breeding partner for the new breeding of table grape varieties like Carina, Flame...

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