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piqueant, fort (F)
piccante, mordente (I)
sharp, pungent (GB)

Description for the taste of a wine (also biting, biting, handy, cutting) with too much content of acids and possibly also alcohol in the context of a wine response, which is shown by an unpleasant burning to painful sensation in nose and palate. This impression is also created by the capsaicin contained in paprika (chilli, pepperoni) and the piperine contained in pepper, both of which are found especially in red wines. Also a too high content of carbon dioxide especially in red wine can cause a sharp impression. However, sharpness is not a pure taste sensation, but a tactile (concerning the sense of touch) or trigeminal sensation. Related terms of sharp are alcoholic, gangrenous, burning, fiery, hot, peppery and acidic. The range can be from obtrusive to aggressive.


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