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The red grape variety comes from France. Synonyms grouped alphabetically by country are Carbesse, Chanu, Chany, Chenu, Charagnot, Charamiot, Chatelos, Chatelus, Chatos, Châtut, Chenu, Corbeil, Corbel, Corbel Maure, Corbel Mouret, Corbell, Corbelle, Corbès, Corbesse, Cornaglietta, Gros Chenu, Houron, Korbel, Mauvais Noir, Mouraud, Mouret, Mouret Noir, Mourre, Noir de Maure, Ouron, Persagne Gamay, Siramuse, Syramhuse, Vert Chenu(France); Bolgnino, Bourgnin, Bournin, Brachet, Brunetta, Nebbiolo di Dronero, Nebbiolo Dronero, Nebbiolo Pairolè, Neiret, Neiret Pinerolese, Neretto, Scarlattin(Italy).

Chatus - Weintraube und Blatt

It must not be confused with the Nebbiolo or Neret di Saint-Vincent varieties, even if synonyms or morphological similarities appear to indicate it. According to DNA analyses, a parent-offspring relationship exists with the Pougnet variety. The two varieties Chatus Noir de Maure and Chatus Rouge are mutations of Chatus. Direct descendants through presumably natural crosses are the varieties Cirené de Romans and Sérénèze de Voreppe. Under the name Nebbiolo di Dronero Chatus was a popular crossbreeding partner of the Italian breeder Giovanni Dalmasso (1886-1974) with Albarossa, Cornarea, Nebbiera, Passau, San Martino (1), San Michele, Soperga and Valentino Nero.

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