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The red grape variety is a new breed between Barbera x Chatus (Nebbiolo di Dronero). Synonyms are Dalmasso 15-29 and Incrocio Dalmasso XV/29. According to DNA analyses carried out in 2010, the breeding list entry Nebbiolo x Barbera was found to be incorrect. The cross was made in 1938 in Conegliano (Veneto) by the breeder Giovanni Dalmasso (1886-1974). With the same parents the new breeds Albarossa, Cornarea, San Michele and Soperga were created at the same institute. The medium to late-maturing, high-yielding vine is well resistant to various vine diseases. It produces garnet-coloured, alcohol-rich red wines. The variety is cultivated in the Piedmont region. In 2010, 12 hectares of vineyards were designated with a decreasing tendency; ten years earlier, the figure was 20 hectares (Kym Anderson).

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