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Raffiat de Moncade

The white grape variety comes from France. Its synonyms are Arréfiat, Arrufiat, Portugal, Rousselet, Raffiat, Refiat and Ruffiac, and it must not be confused with the Arrufiac (Raffiat) variety, despite the fact that it appears to be synonymous or morphologically similar. According to DNA analyses carried out in 2013, it comes from a presumably natural cross between Gouais Blanc and Bouchalès. However, this is based on only 20 DNA markers (see under molecular genetics). According to other DNA analyses, however, the father variety is unknown. In any case, it was a cross partner in the new breeds Agorra, Arriloba and Perdea. The medium-ripening, high-yielding vine is susceptible to powdery mildew. It produces alcohol-rich, rather low-acid white wines with aromas of pears and apples. This rare variety is registered in south-west France in the areas of Béarn and Tursan. In 2016, 6 hectares of vineyards were designated (Kym Anderson).

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