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The white grape variety comes from the island of Sicily(Italy). Synonyms are Caricante, Caricanti, Carriccanti, Catanese Bianco, Catarratto alla Porta Bianca di Sicilia, Catarratto Amantidatu, Catarratto Mantellato, Catarrattu Scalugnatu, Catarrattu Scarugnatu, Iuvino, Nerello Cappuccio Faux and Nocera Bianca. It must not be confused with the Catarratto Bianco variety, despite the fact that it appears to have synonyms or morphological similarities. It is not a colour mutation of the red variety Nocera (with the synonym Carricante Nero). According to DNA analyses carried out in 2010, it comes from a presumably natural cross between Montonico Pinto x Scacco. It is a parent of the Notardomenico variety.

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