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The white grape variety (also Geilweilerhof GA-58-30) is a new variety between Optima x Seyve-Villard 12-375(Villard Blanc). The name is derived from the hunter in Greek mythology, who was shot with arrows by the goddess Artemis and moved to the sky as a constellation. It contains genes from Vitis berlandieri, Vitis rupestris and Vitis vinifera. The hybrid was crossed in 1964 by Dr. Gerhardt Alleweldt (1927-2005) at the Institute for Grapevine Breeding Geilweilerhof, plant variety protection was granted in 1994. The frost hardy vine is resistant to both mildew and botrytis and is therefore considered a PIWI variety. It produces greenish-yellow, fruity and extract-rich wines with muscatel. The variety is grown in Germany (4 ha), England (10 ha), Denmark and Switzerland. In 2010, a total of 14 hectares of vineyards were designated (Kym Anderson).

Orion - Weintraube und Blatt

Pictures: Ursula Brühl, Doris Schneider, Julius Kühn Institute (JKI)

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