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English viticulture was probably introduced on a larger scale by the Romans, who had come to the island in 43 BC. Pollen finds from vines prove that there had been viticulture even before that time. Wine-growing is documented in a document from 731. 1152, the later King Henry II (1133-1189) came into possession of Gascony and large parts of western France, including Bordeaux (returned to France in 1453) by marriage to Eleonora of Aquitaine (1122-1204). French wine was imported on a large scale for almost 300 years. This was also the great era of the pink Clairet. But especially sweet wines from southern Europe were also very popular from the middle of the 14th century, for example the Vernage (Vernacchia) from Italy and Malmsey from the islands of Cyprus and Crete, which was shipped from the Greek port of Monemvasia (Peloponnese). For this reason an independent English winegrowing came to a standstill for many centuries

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