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The red grape variety(breeding number Klosterneuburg 181-2-71) is a new breeding between St. Laurent x Blaufränkisch (which was confirmed by DNA analyses carried out in 1997). Synonyms are Blauer Zweigeltrebe, Blauer Zweigelt, Cvaigelt, Cveigelt, Klosterneuburg 71, Rotburger, Semenac Cerni 71, Zweigelt 71, Zweigeltrebe and Zwiegelt. The crossing was carried out in 1922 by Dr. Fritz Zweigelt (1888-1964) at the Klosterneuburg Viticulture Institute (Lower Austria), who gave it the name Rotburger. It was only in 1975, in the course of the Quality Vine Varieties Ordinance, that it was given the now common name Zweigelt after its creator. After many years of practical testing of the grape variety in the new form of high culture education developed by him, especially the wine-growing pioneer Lenz Moser III. (1905-1978) advocated this name. The variety was a cross-breeding partner in the new varieties Anthoprim, Ariana, Cabernet Moravia, Roesler and Zweigelt Stella.

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