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Vitis lincecumii

One of the approximately 30 American species or wild vines that are native to the southeastern United States, primarily in the states of Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. Trivial synonyms are Big Summer Grape, Pine Wood Grape, Post Oak Grape, Sand Grape, South Western Aestivalis, Turkey Grape and Vine Wood Grape. Botanical synonyms are Vitis lincecumii Buckley, Vitis lincecumii var. Lactea small and Vitis lincecumii var. Glauco Munson. The vine has a good resistance to phylloxera. Hermann Jaeger (1844-1895), who immigrated to the USA and was born in Switzerland, often used it for his breeding for this reason.

It is very similar to the species Vitis aestivalis, but has slightly larger berries and seeds than the latter. In his work "Keys to the Flora of Oklahoma", the US-American researcher U.T. Waterfall suggested that a distinction between the two species should be omitted. This was accepted, one of the three varieties of Vitis aestivalis is now called Vitis aestivalis var. lincecumii. Grape varieties with lincecumii genes are Cayuga White, Chambourcin, Chancellor, Gloire de Seibel, Melody, Munson, Seyval Blanc, Ten Dollar Prize, St. Pepin and Vidal Blanc. See also under American Vines and Vine Systematics.

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