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The red grape variety is a new variety between Bikavér 8 x Kadarka) x Gárdonyi Géza. Synonyms are Agria (lat. name of the town of Cheb), Bikavér 13 and Cheb 208. The crossbreeding was made in Cheb in 1964 by the Hungarian breeder József Csizmazia. With the same parents (but the other way round) the new breed Titan was born. The medium maturing vine is resistant to frost and botrytis. It produces dark red wines with velvety tannins and aromas of roses and wild berries. The variety is grown in the Eger and Mátraalja areas and occupies 175 hectares of vineyards in Hungary. There are other stocks in Canada (2 hectares) and in the US state of Washington. In 2010, a total of 175 hectares were designated (Kym Anderson).

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