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The red grape variety originates from the Balkans. There are about 150 synonyms, indicating great age and wide distribution. The most important ones, grouped alphabetically by country, are Kallmet(Albania); Gamza, Gamza de Varna, Gumza, Gymza, Varnenska Gimza (Bulgaria); Bleu de Hongrie, Kadarka Noir, Raisin Turc, Skutariner Noir (France); Branicevka, Gomza, Skadarka (Croatia); Blauer Kadarka, Blaue Ungarische, Edle Ungartraube, Rubinroter Kadarka, Schwarzblauer Tokayer, Schwarzer Kadarka, Schwarzer Mosler, Schwarzer Skutariner (Austria); Cadarcă, Cadarcă Neagră, Cadarcă de Miniș, Lugojana (Romania); Skadarka, Skadarka Crna, Vinta (Serbia); Fekete Budai, Kadarka Kék, Ludtalpu Törökszölö, Törökbuza Szölö, Törökszölö(Hungary). The ancestry (parentage) is unknown. The synonym Skadarka could refer to Lake Skutari (Skadarsko), which lies between Montenegro and Albania. It could also have come from Hungary to Bulgaria, where it is considered an autochthonous variety under Gamza. It could also have come from Romania, where a sweet wine made from Cadarca grapes was already mentioned in 1744, from Turkey (Törökszölö = "Turkish grape"), Serbia or Croatia.

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