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Second wine

Designation (also second label) for a clearly cheaper and simpler line of a winery, which is marketed under other names than the Grand Vin (first wine). This is most common in Bordeaux, but the term is also used in other regions and countries. The best wines from the best sites are used for the main wine. The philosophy or the criteria are quite different for each châteaux and can also change with each vintage. These are, for example, grapes from vineyards with younger vines (about 10 to 15 years old), grapes from lower quality sites compared to the first sites, batches from the pre-harvest, wines from the second pressing and wines from poorer barrel samples. In bad vintages, it can happen that the production of the first wine is abandoned, e.g. 1987 for Château Lafleur and 1991 for Château Cheval Blanc. Especially in very good years, the second wine often offers a much better price-performance ratio, because the Grands Vins cost at least twice as much. Only since 1993 it is allowed to use the additional names Château or Domaine for the second or third wine.

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