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The red grape variety comes from the Balkans, possibly from Serbia. Synonyms grouped by country are Zarčin(Bulgaria); Nikodimka, Niševka, Majski Čornii, Skopsko Crno(Northern Macedonia); Majski Cornii(Moldova); Kameničarka, Kamenilarka, Majski Cornii(Russia); Nichevka, Nikodimka, Niševka, Prokopac, Prokupac Noir, Prikupats, Prokupec, Prokupka, Rskavac, Surac Plavi(Serbia). The very old variety was very important in Serbia from the Middle Ages, and there are also many varieties that have developed over time. The origin (parentage) is unknown. Prokupac was a cross-breeding partner of the new varieties Evita, Jagodinka and Župljanka, as well as a parent of the varieties Beala Debela (Bulgaria) and Papazkarasi (Turkey), which were probably created by natural cross-breeding.

Prokupac - Weintraube und Blatt

The late ripening, fast-growing vine is very susceptible to downy mildew, but relatively resistant to botrytis and frost. It produces colourful, alcohol-rich, spicy red wines with red fruit aromas for rather quick enjoyment. It is mostly blended with international varieties. The variety is widespread in Serbia, especially in the Juzna Morava and Zapadna Morava regions in the centre and south of the country. In 2010, 15,180 hectares of vineyards were designated in Serbia. There are also small stands in Bulgaria, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia and Russia. The variety is ranked 51st in the worldwide grape variety ranking (Kym Anderson).

Source: Kym Anderson: Wine Grapes / J. Robinson, J. Harding, J. Vouillamoz / Penguin Books Ltd. 2012
Pictures: Ursula Brühl, Doris Schneider, Julius Kühn Institute (JKI)

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