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Flower head or cap (grch. cover, lid) above the flower buds; see there.

The flower bud of the cultivated grapevine is a hermaphrodite flower, i.e. it contains the male and female sexual organs united in a single flower bud. The male sexual organs are the pollen-producing stamens or stamens (stamens, Mz. Stamina), which consist of the stem-shaped filament and the yellowish anthers at the tip. The entirety of all stamens of a flower is the androecium. An anthers contains four pollen sacs in which the pollen grains are formed with the haploid (n=19) male gametes (fertilisation hormones). In the vine flower, five of these free-standing stamens surround the female sexual organ, the ovary, in a circular pattern. The ovary consists of two fused together carpels, which contain two compartments with ovules inside. This is why the grapevine is one of the flowering plants with angiosperms

Blütenknospe - vor und nach Käppchenabwurf

The ovary merges at its tip into the stylus, which ends in the scar (stigma). The disc-shaped stigma is a spongy tissue that...

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