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In viticulture, temperature is an important factor in many different areas, from the vineyard to the table.

Temperatur - Thermometer und Feuer & Eis

Climate and weather

In the context of climate, temperature indicates the thermal state of a body, a liquid or a gas, which is usually measured and indicated in Celsius (USA in Fahrenheit) by means of a thermometer. Room temperature (also indoor temperature) is the temperature that usually prevails in inhabited rooms.

Air temperature is usually understood to be the outside temperature of the atmosphere near the ground, which is influenced neither by solar radiation nor by ground heat. In meteorology, this is measured at a height of two metres. This varies during the day and during the seasons and is influenced by climate fluctuations. Temperature is one of the important criteria for climate classification or division into the large-scale climate areas or macroclimates (major climates) of the earth. Naturally, temperature is also an extremely important factor in viticulture. There it is recorded and represented in the form of temperature totals. The air temperature in the vineyard is an important criterion for the suitability of a region for viticulture. See climate and weather for more details.

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