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Organic viticulture

Erdkugel umhüllt mit Pflanzen - Symbol für Biologischen Weinbau Organic, ecological or also biological-ecological viticulture means partly quite different forms of production for the production of grapes and wine on the basis of measures that are as nature-conserving as possible, taking into account knowledge of ecology and environmental protection. Confusingly, there are many similar terms such as organic, ecological, controlled organic, controlled organic, organic land/viniculture, organic land/viniculture, organic-organic, biodynamic and bio-energetic.

Definitions of terms

An often asked question is whether there is a difference between "organic" and "eco" in terms of content or law. The answer is no, the terms are used synonymously. Both are protected in connection with food and feed as well as agricultural raw materials that are produced and processed according to the guidelines of organic farming. All derivations and diminutive forms such as "organic" and "eco", alone or combined, may be used.

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