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Science (Greek oikos = house, doctrine of the household, eco = environment) of the complex and reciprocal relationship of living beings to their environment as a branch of biology (science of living nature and the laws governing the course of animal, plant and human life). In more comprehensive terms, ecology means the study of the overall balance of nature. The term has now also become synonymous with "environment" or "environmental protection". The decisive prerequisite for a balanced and stable ecosystem is biodiversity (species diversity). This means the existence of a high number of plant and animal organisms. In all western industrialised countries, monocultures have been created on a not infrequently enormous scale through the use of huge areas of land in agriculture and thus also in viticulture. In extreme cases, instead of a natural complex of many different plants, the only plant left is the vine, as is the case in California and Australia with kilometre-long vineyards.

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Egon Mark
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