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Italian term (frizzare = to sparkle or foam) for a sparkling wine, which corresponds to the French Pétillant or the German Perlwein or Secco. Compared to a spumante = sparkling wine (3 to 6 bar), a frizzante has a lower overpressure of 1 to 2.5 bar. It is usually produced by means of the Méthode charmat (tank fermentation, Italian Metodo charmat or Metodo martinotti), or also by means of the transvasier process or impregnation process. However, there are also frizzante produced by bottle fermentation. Frizzante under 3 bar carbon dioxide pressure is exempt from any sparkling wine tax. Since the presentation of the bottle with mushroom cork and agraffe was also used as a criterion for taxation, these were therefore closed with normal cork and fixed with the spago (cord).

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