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semi-sparkling wine

Designation for a carbonated product with an overpressure of 1 to 2.5 bar (for sparkling wine this is 3 to 6 bar) and an existing alcohol content of at least 7% vol. which is produced from wine. The overpressure must be due to endogenous (wine's own) carbonic acid. One also speaks of endogenous carbonic acid if it has arisen during the fermentation of grape must to wine and is later added to the product again.

If exogenous (technical) carbonic acid is used, the product must be declared as "sparkling wine with added carbonic acid". This shall be done by means of an impregnation process. A declaration of the residual sugar in the case of a semi-sparkling wine is optional, the terms dry (0-35 g/l), semi-dry (35-50 g/l) and mild (from 50 g/l) are permissible. Compared to a sparkling wine, a different value applies for semi-dry. Admissible as additional designations to semi-sparkling wine are word combinations with "secco" such as "Rosecco", but the sometimes used "Secco" alone is not (in Germany, however, this is tolerated). Other names for semi-sparkling wine are Frizzante or Vivace (Italy), Pétillant(France) and Sternliwein(Switzerland). In Germany (not in Austria), the designation Qualitätsperlwein is also possible for a semi-sparkling wine made from quality wine.

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