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Italian term (spumare = to foam) for a highly sparkling sparkling wine produced according to certain quality criteria. A priori, the term spumante is not a quality grade or guaranteed origin. Only a possible DOC classification ensures that it originates from a specific production area. Italy is a traditional sparkling wine country, because in about 100 DOC/DOCG zones, sparkling wine is produced in over 200 variants from many different grape varieties with varying alcohol strengths and residual sugar levels. Every year, Italy produces the incredible amount of 300 million bottles. A Spumante should have at least 3 bar carbon dioxide pressure. It can be aged from dry to sweet, and can be produced in white, rosé or red. Depending on the DOC/DOCG regulations, tank fermentation, i.e. Méthode charmat (Metodo charmat or Metodo martinotti) and/or bottle fermentation (Metodo classico or Metodo tradizionale) is permitted.

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