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Eger 2

The white grape variety comes from Hungary. It was selected by the two breeders József Csizmazia and Laszlo Bereznai. It contains genes of Vitis berlandieri, Vitis rupestris and Vitis vinifera. For a long time the hybrid was considered to be an open flowered seedling of the Villard Blanc variety (Seyve-Villard 12-375). However, this would have meant self-pollination or paternity of another variety. DNA analyses carried out in 2016 showed that no self-insemination took place and Eger 2 is genetically identical to Villard Blanc. Under the name Eger 2, she was a crossbreeding partner in the new varieties Aletta, Aromera, Aron, Augusta (3), Bianca, Boris, Ervin, Esther, Fanny, Lakhegyi Mézes, Lidi, Nero, Terez and Zala Gyöngye.

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