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butterfly (GB)
lepidoptera (ES)
lepidoptera (F)
farfalla (I)
borboleta (PO)
lepidoptera (N)

Various types of insects, which either themselves and above all their caterpillars (larvae) cause considerable feeding damage and pollution on the vine, as well as damage in wine cellars. These include owl moths, cork moths, leaf miner moths, rhomb moth, spring worm moths, grape moths, grape moths and western grapeleaf. They are controlled conventionally by various insecticides or pesticides, or increasingly by environmentally friendly measures such as the use of natural enemies (predatory beetles) as well as the confusing method. See also a complete list of all pests under vine enemies.

Schemtterlinge (falter) - Traubenwickler, Miniermotte, Springwurmwickler

Picture Picture left: ©Todd M. Gilligan - USDA-APHIS-PPQ
Middle: From picture taken by Olaf Leillinger - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5, Link
Picture right: © P. P. Kohlhaas / AGES Vienna

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