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Various species of insects that cause considerable feeding damage and soiling to vines, particularly through their caterpillars, as well as damage to wine cellars. These include owl moths, cork moths, leaf miners, rhomb moths, budworms, grape berry moths, vine hawkmoths and western grapeleaf.

Schmetterlinge - TraubenwicklerMiniermotte, Springwurmwickler

The picture on the left shows a grape berry moth, the picture in the centre a leaf miner and the picture on the right a jumping worm moth.

Life cycle

The life cycle of butterflies consists of four developmental stages: egg, caterpillar (larva), pupa and adult. Only the larvae (caterpillars) cause feeding damage with resulting consequences for the plants. They feed on the plants, which favours secondary infections by fungi, bacteria or viruses. The pupa is an inactive transitional stage and adult butterflies do not cause feeding damage as they feed mainly on nectar, tree sap or rotting fruit.

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