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Term for the larvae of butterflies or moths. The caterpillars, equipped with pinpoint eyes, small feelers and chewing mouthparts, are among the worst vine pests, especially young plants are endangered. They live by feeding on leaves, shoots or sometimes also on the grapes and leave mealy secretions. Caterpillars are the feeding stage in the development of butterflies, after four to five moults they are transformed into pupae, in whose interior they metamorphose into full insects. The most common caterpillars are those of the butterfly/moth species Owl butterfly, Leaf miner moth, Rhomb moth, Spring worm moth, Grape moth, Wine moth and Western grapeleaf. They are controlled by various pesticides (molluscicides), glue traps or by forcing natural enemies to which the eggs and caterpillars serve as food (for example lacewings). A preventive measure is the confusing method. See also a complete list of all diseases pests under vine enemies.

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