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Insects occur in viticulture mainly as pests (picture), but there are also so-called beneficial insects. The harmful insects are controlled conventionally with insecticides. In organic viticulture, however, environmentally friendly methods are preferred, such as the confusing method or protective walls as shown in the picture below. See also various insects under beetles, caterpillars and butterflies as well as a complete list of all diseases and pests under the keyword vine enemies.

Insekten - Büffelzikade, Dickmailrüssler, Heuschrecke, Traubenwickler, Rebstecher

Insekten - Schutznetz im Weingarten

Buffalo cicada and vine pruner: André Mégroz - Insects
Bigmouth weevil: Thomas Lohrer
Grape berry moth: P. P. Kohlhaas - AGES Vienna
Insect net
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