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The grape variety family originates from France. It has produced numerous mutations in different colours, which can also be found together on a vine and sometimes even on a grape. There are three varieties with partly the same synonyms as Bourret, Tarrain, Tarret, Terrain and Terret Bourret:

  • Terret Blanc (Bourett Blanc, Tarret Blanc, Terre)
  • Terret Gris (Terret Grigio, Terret Rose)
  • Terret Noir (Terre Chernyi, Terre Noir, Terret du Pays, Terret Nero)

Terret - Traube Terret Noir, Blatt und Traube Terret Gris

These varieties are among the oldest in Languedoc. The origin is probably the Department of Hérault. The parentage (parenthood) is unknown. It was probably first mentioned in 1619, and according to a reliable source in 1676. The late ripening, high-yielding vine is susceptible to both types of mildew and very sensitive to grape berry moths. It produces acidic wines with a neutral taste in Terret Blanc and Terret Gris and a light red colour in Terret Noir. Terret Gris was a crossbreeding partner in the new Terret Bouschet variety.

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