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Common name in Germany for a wine of a pale to light red colour from no particular growing region, produced by blending white and red grapes or their mash (but not their must or wine). It is therefore a mixed sentence by analogy. However, the designation rosé is not permitted under EU law because only red wine varieties are permitted for this. The designation may also be used for sparkling wine, semi-sparkling wine or aerated semi-sparkling wine if these products are only produced from wine that is allowed to bear the designation "Rotling". Well-known Rotlings are the Badisch Rotgold (Baden), the Schieler (Saxony) and the Schillerwein (Württemberg).

Complete lists of the numerous vinification measures or cellar techniques, as well as the wine, sparkling wine and distillate types regulated by wine law are included under the keyword vinification. Comprehensive information on wine law can be found under the keyword wine law.

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