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Quality wine

Designation for wines of a higher quality class that must meet certain minimum requirements specific to each country's wine legislation. This is the highest quality level within the EU. As a rule, the lower level is the country wine. In many wine-growing countries there is a multi-level quality wine scheme (see under Grand Cru). For the EU member states there are prescribed quality wine tests, which are carried out by independent official bodies. If the result is positive, the official test number is assigned in Germany and the national test number in Austria.

Qualitätssystem Wein, Wein g.g.A. und Wein g.U.

Due to the EU market regulation valid from August 2009, an origin-oriented system with new wine designations was introduced in the member countries. In Germany and Austria, quality wine and Prädikatswein correspond to the highest quality level wine PDO (wine with protected indication of origin). However, this new designation was banned in Austria in order to avoid consumer confusion. In Germany its use was prohibited until the end of 2011. The old terms "Qualitätswein" and "Prädikatswein" have been retained as "traditional indications" in both countries and are still valid. See in detail under quality system.

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