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northernmost vineyard

most northerly vineyard (GB)

Possible candidates for the northernmost vines in the northern vine belt of the world are Alaska, Finland, Latvia, Norway and Sweden. The wine-growing areas there lie between 60 and 62 degrees of latitude. The northernmost vineyard in terms of quality viticulture is the Werderaner Wachtelberg in the German town of Werder(Brandenburg) at 52 degrees 23 minutes north latitude. Even more northerly vineyards can be found on the island of Sylt in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein at 54 degrees 54 minutes in the possession of the Ress Balthasar winery, where only regional wine may be produced.

nördlichster Weinberg - Weltkarte mit Weinbaugebieten

Others are located in the southern province of Skåne near the Baltic Sea coast in Sweden and the "Eventyrvin" vineyard near Gvarv in Norway. Due to climate change, it is to be expected that the wine-growing areas in the northern hemisphere will expand towards the pole in the coming decades. In Europe, candidates for this are Denmark, England, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden as well as Ukraine.

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Graphic: Der Winzer 1 - viticulture, Ulmer Verlag 2019, 4th edition

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