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Vine Belt

Designation for the geographical areas where quality viticulture is possible under optimum conditions and where vines can thrive. 95% of the most important wine-growing areas are also located here. They are situated from the 40th to the 50th degree north and from the 30th to the 40th degree south latitude. However, there is also viticulture in between, mostly in higher-lying areas. A list of all wine-growing countries can be found under the relevant continents, which are listed under the keyword wine-growing countries. The criteria for the suitability of a region for wine-growing are referred to as wine-growing eligibility. See also under climate, climate change, highest vineyard, northernmost vineyard and southernmost vineyard, as well as records.

Rebengürtel - Weltkarte mit Weinbaugebieten

Graphic: Der Winzer 1 - Viticulture, Ulmer Verlag 2019, 4th edition

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