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Norway (GB)
Noruega (ES)
Norvegia (I)
Norvège (F)
Noruega (PO)
Noorwegen (N)
Norway is located on the Scandinavian Peninsula and borders Sweden in the east and Finland and Russia in the northeast. The climatic conditions are not suitable for wine growing. There are also major restrictions on alcohol consumption (see also Prohibition). Wine and spirits cannot be bought in normal shops, but only in the special state sales outlets "Vinmonopolet". In supermarkets you can only buy beer, at petrol stations it is not allowed to sell alcohol at all. Restaurants and cafés require a liquor license to sell alcohol. The minimum age to buy beer and wine is 18 years, for spirits 20 years. Very popular are berry wines, for example from Crowberrys (norw. Krekling), which are also mixed with herbs. The national drink (Viking drink) is the "Mjød" made from honey and herbs, produced in the style of mead

In 1992, Svein Hansen founded the "Hallingstad Gård" winery near the town of Horten in the Vestfold district about 100 kilometres south of Oslo near the coast to the Skagerrak, and planted 2,000 vines of a Canadian clone of the Pinot Noir variety. This probably first Norwegian vineyard was located at the 60th latitude. From 1995 to 1999, about 75 cases of wine "L'Esprit d'Edvard Munch" were produced annually. It was named after the famous Norwegian expressionist painter Edvard Munch (1863-1944). Every year a different picture of him adorned the label. Munch was an excessive drinker, who also dealt with the theme of wine in his works, for example with the paintings "Self-portrait with Wine Bottle" and "Red Wild Wine".

The second visit was made by the two winegrowers Joar Saettem and Wenche Hvattum, who founded the winery "Eventyrvin" and "Lerkekåsa" respectively in 2007 in the small town of Gvarv 150 kilometres southwest of Oslo. The name means "fairy tale wines" and is meant to allude to the fact that wine from Norway actually sounds like a fairy tale. The vineyard covers only 1.5 hectares, on which the white wine variety Solaris is grown. The owners call it "the world's northernmost vineyard". In addition, the traditional berry wines are also produced.

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