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The Kingdom of Norway (Norwegian Norge = Bokmål) or Noreg = Nynorsk) in Northern Europe in the west of the Scandinavian Peninsula with the capital Oslo covers 385,2071 km². The national territory includes the archipelago of Spitsbergen and the island of Jan Mayen. It borders Sweden to the east and Finland and Russia to the northeast.

Norwegen - Landkarte, Flagge, Wappen

Wine culture

The climatic conditions are not suitable for wine growing. There are also severe, prohibitive restrictions on alcohol consumption. Wine and spirits can only be bought in the special state sales points "Vinmonopolet". Only beer is available in supermarkets, and no alcohol at all may be sold at petrol stations. Restaurants and cafés require a liquor license to serve alcohol. The minimum age for buying beer and wine is 18 years, for spirits 20 years. Very popular are berry wines made from crowberrys (norw. Krekling), which are also flavoured with herbs. The national drink (Vikingdrink) is "Mjød", a mead made from honey and herbs.

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