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digestivo (I)
digestive, after dinner drink (GB)
digestivo (ES)
digestivo (PO)

French term (lat. digestio = digestion) for an alcoholic drink that is drunk as a conclusion after a meal to aid digestion. Other colloquial names are for example "Verdauerli" or in Alemannic "Verrisserle" (Switzerland) and in Northern Germany also "Absacker" or "Zerhacker". Contrary to all assertions, alcohol does not promote digestion. Only herbal bitters have a stimulating effect due to the herbal extracts they contain.

Digestif - Bar mit vielen Spirituosen und Frau auf der Theke

The most popular are high-proof spirits such as Aquavit, Armagnac, Calvados, Cognac, Grappa, Korn, Marc, fruit brandies, rum and marc, but also herbal bitters (Fernet Branca, Jägermeister, Underberg), liqueurs, port wine and drinking vinegar. See also under aperitif (before dinner drink), cocktail, dessert wine and wine with food.

Complete lists of the numerous vinification measures and cellar techniques, as well as the types of wine, sparkling wine and distillate regulated by wine law are included under the heading "Vinification". Comprehensive information on wine law can be found under the keyword wine law.

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