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There are four new varieties or grape varieties with the name of the Roman goddess of dawn:


The white grape variety is a new breeding between Queen of the Vineyards x Csaba Gyöngye. Synonyms are Aurora Inta, CG 91560 and Gargiulo 91560. The crossing was done in Argentina by the breeder Angel A. Gargiulo. The variety is mainly used as table grape but also as wine grape.


The white grape variety is an interspecific new variety between IAC 394-16 x Maria. Synonyms are Aurora Blanc and IAC 775-26, with genes from Vitis labrusca, Vitis rotundifolia and Vitis vinifera. The crossing of the hybrids took place in Brazil. It is used as table grape.


See under Aurore.


The white grape variety is a new variety between Olivette Barthelet(Olivette Blanche x Beba) x Pirovano 28. Synonyms are I. P. 100 and Pirovano 100. The crossbreeding was made in Italy in 1915 at the Research Centre in Rome by the breeder Alberto Piròvano (1884-1973). The variety is used as a table grape.

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