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Vitis rotundifolia

One of about 30 American species or wild vines with the complete botanical name Vitis rotundifolia Michx. The French botanist André Michaux (1746-1802) is honoured in the name. It is the only species of the vine subgenus Muscadinia. It does not therefore belong to the subgenus Vitis like the other American and Asian species and the European Vitis vinifera. Strictly speaking, therefore, the name Muscadinia rotundifolia should be. In most sources, however, the name Vitis ritundifolia is used. Trivial synonyms are Bird Grape, Bullace Grape, Bullit Grape, Currant Grape, Muscadine Grape, Roanoke, Southern Fox Grape and Vigne Musquée.

Vitis rotundifolia - Trauben und Blätter

The species Muscadinia is divided into three varieties. The Vitis rotundifolia Michx. var. munsoniana is restricted to Florida. The Vitis rotundifolia Michx. var. rotundifolia populates the southeastern quarter of the USA from Indiana to Texas. It thrives best where the cotton also grows, in bushes, along rivers, in swamps, but also on sandy valley floors. And the Vitis rotundifolia Michx. var. popenoei with the trivial synonym Totoloche Grape thrives above all in subtropical and tropical climates. It is found in Central Mexico and some Central American countries such as Belize and Guatemala. The variety Popenoei was once considered a separate species. There are ideas to raise the subgenus Muscadinia to a genus, as well as to replace the current division into three varieties by keeping three species.

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