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Valenciana Ceuti

Synonym for the grape variety Beba; see there.

The white grape variety originates from Spain. There are 180 synonyms, attesting to its great age. Some grouped alphabetically by country are Grumiere Blanco, Lardot, Malvoisie de la Chartreuse, Panse de Provence, Passerille Blanche, Teneron de Cadenet, Teneron de Vaucluse, Teneron du Vaucluse, Teneron Olivette de Cadenet (France); Regina di Pontecorvo, Uva degli Angeli (Italy); Teneron (Morocco); Boal de Praça, Mantúa, Mantúo (Portugal); Abeaci Blanca, Ain el Kelb, Ain Kelb, Beba de Huelva, Beba de Jaen, Beba de Jerez, Beba de los Santos, Beba de los Santos de Maimona, Beba de Palos, Beba Dorada, Beba Dorada de Huelva, Beba Dorada de Jaen, Beba Dorada de Jerez, Bebas, Beva, Blanca de Mesa, Blanca Superior de Parral, Breval,...

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